Conjunctions- English Grammar BD

Conjunctions Here we will discuss all related to conjunctions and its definition, types or kinds, examples, exercise   Conjunction   Definition, Types/Kinds, Examples 7.1 Conjunctions definition, types and examples 7.2 Coordinating conjunction definition and examples 7.3 Subordinating conjunction definition and examples 7.4 Correlative Conjunction definition and examples   Exercise of Conjunction: 7.5 Conjunction Exercise-Basic 7.6 … Read more



Here we have discussed all about adverbs with definitions, types, examples and exercise Definition, Types/Kinds, Examples 5.1 What is a adverb? Kinds or types of adverb, examples of each adverb 5.2 What is simple adverb? Explanation with examples 5.3 What is interrogative adverb? Explanation with examples 5.4 What is relative or conjunctive adverb? Explanation with … Read more

Adjectives -definition, types, examples, exercises


Adjectives-Here you will get all about adjectives, its definition, types, examples, and exercises Definition, Types/Kinds, Examples 3.1 What is adjective, kinds/ classification of adjective with examples 3.2 Definition of Descriptive Adjective or Adjective of Quality with examples 3.3 Definition of Adjective of Quantity with examples 3.4 Definition of Numeral Adjective with examples 3.5 Definition of … Read more

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