Adjectives -definition, types, examples, exercises

Adjectives-Here you will get all about adjectives, its definition, types, examples, and exercises

Definition, Types/Kinds, Examples

3.1 What is adjective, kinds/ classification of adjective with examples

3.2 Definition of Descriptive Adjective or Adjective of Quality with examples

3.3 Definition of Adjective of Quantity with examples

3.4 Definition of Numeral Adjective with examples

3.5 Definition of Pronominal Adjective with examples

3.6 Some other Adjective and uses with examples


3.8 Position of adjective in sentences

3.9 How to identify the word as adjective/How to form the word as adjective

3.10 How to convert any word to adjective/How to form the word as adjective from any parts of speech

3.11 Adjective Vs Adverb


Comparison of Adjectives

3.12 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-01

3.13 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-02

3.14 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-03

3.15 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-04

3.16 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-05

3.17 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-06

3.18 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-07

3.19 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-08

3.20 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-09

3.21 Comparison of Adjective-Rule-10


Adjective List

3.22 list of adjectives for kids

3.23 adjective list a-z

3.24 powerful adjective list

3.25 list of adjectives to describe a person


Exercise of Adjective:

3.26 Exercise-Basic

3.27 Exercise-Advanced

3.28 Exercise on some special adjective

3.29 Exercise -turn the following words into positive

3.30 Exercise -turn the following words into comparative

3.31 Exercise -turn the following words into superlative

3.32 Exercise-Board Question-JSC-2011-2014

3.33 Exercise-Board Question-SSC-2007-2018


Parts of speech is the main item to learn adjective as its the root to learn adjective. If you learn parts of speech in all 8 items, it will help you the best way to learn adjective. So don’t worry, do you want to learn all about Parts of Speech? Read from here all about the Parts of Speech.

If you want to learn adjective clearly, read how to learn English Grammar  

if you want to by a PDF of Basic of Tense, Click Here

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