Here we have discussed all about adverbs with definitions, types, examples and exercise

Definition, Types/Kinds, Examples

5.1 What is a adverb? Kinds or types of adverb, examples of each adverb

5.2 What is simple adverb? Explanation with examples

5.3 What is interrogative adverb? Explanation with examples

5.4 What is relative or conjunctive adverb? Explanation with examples   

5.5  A list of some other adverbs and their correct uses in sentences.

5.6 A list of Adverb formation way or sign.

5.7 Other parts of speech as adverb

5.8 Comparison of adverb

5.9 position of adverb

5.10 Uses of some other adverbs

5.11 Some word that are used as adverb and adjective

5.12 How to identify the word as Adverb/How to form the word as Adverb


Exercise of Adverb:

5.13 Exercise of adverb-simple adverb

5.14 Exercise of adverb-interrogative adverb

5.15 Exercise of adverb-relative or conjunctive adverb

5.16 Exercise of Adverb-Basic

5.17 Exercise of Adverb-Advanced

5.18 Exercise of Adverb-Exercise on some adverb

5.19 Exercise of Adverb-Exercise on JSC Board Question-2011-2018

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