Answer Sheet of Vocabulary With clues and Without clues

  1.    There lived a great king in India. (wise, kind, famous, great)
  2.    I saw a nice coloured sari at New market. I have beautiful painted picture hung on the wall.
  3.    I am interested in listening music. The children are fond of eating sweets.
  4.    Mr. Mofiz is good at English. They are afraid of snake.
  5.    The baby looks nice/ pretty/ beautiful/ smart/ gloomy/ glad/ grave/ attractive/ ugly.
  6.   a. We learn English b. He runs fast  c. She learns swimming  d. He reads perfectly
  7.   My father’s idea was fully/ totally/ absolutely/ undoubtedly/ certainly right.
  8.    Mr. Rana is the  wisest/ richest/ strongest/ best/ tallest man in the locality.
  9.    I can’t help going my sister’s house.
  10.  Practicing in the High court, Mr. Kalam is happy.
  11.    Karim is one of the brilliant student of the school. Many of the boys are playing in the field.
  12.   Most of the boys were present in the class. Most of the time he remains busy.
  13.   He has a problem b. Rana has  presence of mind.
  14.   He is not only honest but also- kind. Not only my father but I also supported the idea.
  15.   Fahim is good in administration.
  16.   She is in good position.  Karim is in good health.
  17.    A poorest condition in/with a man.
  18.    I went to Barisal and my friends meet me.
  19.    A poorest condition in/with man.
  20.    I went to Barisal and my friend met me.
  21.    Jony and Rony took the decision last.
  22.    He has well done the job and got the reward.
  23.    The colour of his eyes is blue. The books on the table are red.
  24.    Karim goes to school.
  25.   He has been reading since morning.
  26.    They are doing the job. He has been living here for six months.
  27.    She is unhappy to live in a small family.
  28.   The letters were written by her was lost yesterday.
  29.    Mr. Abdur Rahim was a farmer
  30.    She is skill in speaking English.
  31.    Having completed the work, he left the office.
  32.    Rana has some qualities.
  33.    She loves me sincerely
  34.    She sent me flowers
  35.    Rahim can’t ride a bicycle practicing hard from the beginning.
  36.    The people, living in the midst of poverty are the worst victims of the natural disasters.
  37.    My father, their mother, our friend , his book.
  38.    He used to living in cold climate.
  39.    She is a beautiful girl.
  40.    The book is on the table.
  41.    I did with confidence
  42.   The possibility of his success is sure.
  43.    The people look gainful
  44.    I got the work done by him.
  45.    I have done it in favour of my friend.
  46.    He kept writing
  47.    He came hurriedly
  48.    The next day will be holiday.
  49.  Swimming is a good exercise.
  50.   The pious are happy.
  51.   I am looking for them.

Question: Vocabulary with clues and without clues

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