Transformation of Degrees

Transformation of degrees have many rules but I have discussed here 4 rules and by this, you will get the complete idea for changing degrees. This is all about Rule-1 of changing degrees.
Note-1 -Structure of changing degrees

Rule Positive Comparative Superlative
Rule-1 No other sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে Than any other এর মাঝে বসবে The + superlative degree বসে
Rule-2 Very few sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে    Than most other, sentence-এর মাঝে বসবে One of the + superlative degree বসে
Rule-3 as………….as
a) not more—–than

b) not less ———–than—–

c)—— not ——-than


Rule-4 As soon as……., …………… No sooner had……….than…. x


Note-2: Subject & Object

Rule-1 এর structure অনুযায়ী positive degree থেকে comperative degree বা superlative degree-তে transformation করার জন্য subject  কে object এবং object কে subject করতে হবে ।

যেমন- a.

Positive    : No other fruit in our country is as sweet as Mango.

Comparative    : Mango is sweeter than any other fruit in our country.

Superlative    : Mango is the sweetest fruit in our country.

এখানে Mango, object হিসাবে ছিল আর fruit, subject হিসাবে ছিল যা transformation করার পর বিপরীত করতে হলো- subject  কে object এবং object কে subject.


Positive    : No other city is as big as Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Comparative    : Dhaka is bigger than any other city in Bangladesh.

Superlative    : Dhaka is the biggest city in Bangladesh.


Note-3: Subject & Object

কিন্তু Comperative কে Superlative বা Superlative কে Comperative করার সময় এ ধরনের কে subject  কে object বা object কে subject করতে হবেনা । যেমন-

Comparative to superlative :

Comparative    :Nadia is better than any girl in class IX.

Superlative    :Nadia is the best girl in class IX.

Superlative to comparative :

Superlative    :Fatema is the most honest girl in class IX.

Comparative    :Fatema is more honest girl than any other girl in class IX.

Note-4: Structure/ Comparison of Adjectives

Rule Positive Comparative Superlative

Now Your Turn: Do this following exercise according to direction:

First Step—Positive Degree to Comparative Degree/Superlative Degree

  1. No other problem in Bangladesh is as great as illiteracy
  2. No other problem in Bangladesh is as dangerous as poverty.
  3. No other problem is so dreadful as corruption.

Second Step—-Comparative Degree  to Positive Degree/Superlative Degree

  1. Their sacrifice is greater than any other thing
  2. Arabian Nights is better than any other storybook.

Third Step—Superlative Degree to Positive Degree/Comparative Degree

  1. Poverty is the greatest problem in our country
  2. Books are the greatest friends.
  3. At present cricket is the most popular game in our country
  4. Truthfulness is the greatest of all virtues in a man.
  5. Corruption is the most dangerous weapon to destroy a society.
  6.   Traffic Jam is the most serious problem in Dhaka city now.
  7. The rose is the best of all flowers.
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