Transformation of Degrees -Rule 2

Transformation of degrees have many rules but I have discussed here 4 rules and by this, you will get the complete idea for changing degrees. Here is all about rule-2.
Note-1:  Structure of changing degrees

Rule Positive Comparative Superlative
Rule-1 No other sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে Than any other এর মাঝে বসবে The + superlative degree বসে
Rule-2 Very few sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে    Than most other, sentence-এর মাঝে বসবে One of the + superlative degree বসে
Rule-3 as………….as
a) not more—–than
b) not less ———–than—–
c)—— not ——-than
Rule-4 As soon as……., …………… No sooner had……….than…. x

Positive to comparative/superlative

Positive: Very few fruits in the world are as sweet as mango.

Comparative: Mango is sweeter than most other fruits in the world.

Superlative: Mango is one of the sweetest fruits in the world.


Rule-1 এবং Rule-2 structure গত দিক দিয়ে একই হলেও, এদের মধ্যে প্রধান পার্থক্য হলো Rule-1  Singular Number এর ক্ষেত্রে প্রযোজ্য আর Rule-2 Plural Number এর ক্ষেত্রে প্রযোজ্য । যেমন-

SL Degree Rule-1: Singular Rule-2: Plural
1 Positive No other fruit is as sweet as mango. Very few fruits are as sweet as mango.
2 Comparative Mango is sweeter than any other fruit. Mango is sweeter than most other fruits.
3 superlative Mango is the sweetest fruit in the world. Mango is one of the sweetest fruits in the world.


Very few, than most other এবং one of the এরপর subject হিসাবে সব সময় plural বসবে । যেমন :

Positive    : Very few girls in class nine are as smart as LEO .

Comparative     : LEO is smarter than most other girls in class nine.

Superlative     : LEO is one of the smartest girls in class nine.

=After very few “girls” is plural and verb must be plural as the subject is plural, after “than most other” girls, after “one of the” will be girls also .

Now Your Turn: Do this following exercise according to direction:

First Step—Positive Degree to Comparative Degree/Superlative Degree

  1. Very few places in our country are as charming as it.
  2. Very few countries in the world are as populous as it

Second Step—-Comparative Degree to Positive Degree/Superlative Degree

  1. Our school is more famous than most other schools in the country
  2. Arabian Nights is better than most other storybooks

Third Step —-Superlative Degree to Positive Degree/Comparative Degree

  1. Mango is one of the sweetest fruits in the world
  2. It is one of the most famous schools in our district.
  3. It was one of the most memorable journeys in my life.
  4. The Padma is one of the biggest rivers in Bangladesh.
  5. Child labour is one the biggest curses of the 21st century.
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