Transformation of Degrees -Rule-3

Transformation of degrees have many rules but I have discussed here 4 rules and by this, you will get the complete idea for changing degrees. Here is all about rule-3 of changing degrees.

Note:1 Structure of changing rule degrees

Rule Positive Comparative Superlative
Rule-1 No other sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে Than any other এর মাঝে বসবে The + superlative degree বসে
Rule-2 Very few sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে    Than most other, sentence-এর মাঝে বসবে One of the + superlative degree বসে
Rule-3 as………….as
not more—–than
not less ———–than—–
—— not ——-than
Rule-4 As soon as……., …………… No sooner had……….than…. x

Note -2 : Rule-1  এবং Rule-2 থেকে Rule-3  একদমই আলাদা/ভিন্ন । কারন Rule-1  এবং Rule-2 এ Positive করার জন্য No other বা very few দিয়ে sentence শুরু করতে হয় । Rule-3 তে এগুলির দরকার নেই । আবার Rule-1  এবং Rule-2 তে Comparative করার সময় Than any other বা than most other ব্যবহার করতে হয় যা Rule-3 তে প্রয়োগ নেই ।যেমন-

Positive to Comparative/ Comparative  to Positive

SL Positive Comparative
a Meghla is as tall as Arpa Arpa is not taller than Meghla
b Ridika is not as brilliant as Nasrin Nasrin is more brilliant than Ridika
c Example is better than precept. Precept is not as good as example.


Positive এবং Comparative degree তে Rule:3 এর sentence গুলি ২ ধরনের হয়ে থাকে ।

ধধরন-১: একই ব্যক্তির ২ গুনের মধ্যে তুলনা  more ব্যবহার করা হয়যেমন-

Positive to Comparative/ Comparative  to Positive

SL Positive Comparative
a Sukonna is not as brave as strong. Sukonna is more brave than strong/

Sukonna is not less brave than strong.

b FTJ is not as happy as wise. FTJ is more wise than happy
c Layla is not as hard as merry Layla is more merry than busy

ধরন-২ : দুই ব্যক্তি বা বস্তুর মধ্যে তুলনা  । যেমন-

SL Positive Comparative
a Leo is not as strong as Nur Nahar. Nur Nahar is stronger than Leo.
b Chittagong is not as beautiful as Cox’s Bazar. Coxs Bazar is more beautiful than that of Chittagong.
c The rice of Barisal is not as tasty as Dinajpur. The rice of Dinajpur is more tastier than that of Barisal

Now Your Turn: Do this following exercise according to direction:

First Step- Positive Degree to Comparative Degree/Comparative Degree to Positive Degree  

  1.      Yesmin  is more wise than brave.
  2.      The book is more cheap than good.
  3.      He earns more than I.
  4.      Jack is not as old as he looks.
  5.     The weather of Dhaka is better than that of Rajshahi.

Second Step- Positive Degree to Comparative Degree/Comparative Degree to Positive Degree  

  1.       Mitu is taller than Sadia.
  2.       Jamil is wiser than Hasan.
  3.       Tipul is more intelligent than Tipu.
  4.       He is as tall as his brother.
  5.      Masum is no less clever than Shompa
  6.      A healthy poor man is happier than a sick moneyed man.
  7.      Jim and Della were not less wise than the magi.
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