Transformation of Degrees -Rule 4

Transformation of degrees have many rules but I have discussed here 4 rules and by this, you will get the complete idea for changing degrees. Here is all about rule-3 of changing degrees.

Note-1: Structure of  changing rule

Rule Positive Comparative Superlative
Rule-1 No other sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে Than any other এর মাঝে বসবে The + superlative degree বসে
Rule-2 Very few sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে    Than most other, sentence-এর মাঝে বসবে One of the + superlative degree বসে
Rule-3 as………….as
not more—–than
not less ———–than—–
—— not ——-than
Rule-4 As soon as……., …………… No sooner had……….than…. x


Sentence এর শুরুতে positive–এ  As soon as বসে এবং comparative করার সময় No sooner had বসে । positive–এ দুই Sentence এর মাঝে ,(কমা) বসবে সেখানে comparative–এ এর পরিবর্তে than বসবে ।

SL Positive comparative
a As soon as he reached school, the class started. No sooner had he reached school than the class started.
b As soon as she reached home, the rain started. No sooner had she reached home than the rain started.
c As soon as Farjana started her HW, the electricity went out. No sooner had Farjana started her HW than the electricity went out.


Positive degree তে , (কমা) এর উভয় পাশে Past Indefinite tense হবে কিন্তু comparative sentence-এ No sooner had যুক্ত অংশে Past Perfect tense এবং than এর পর Past Indefinite tense হবে । তাই No sooner had এর পর Principal verb এর Past participle form বসবে ।


SL Positive comparative
a As soon as the teacher saw him, he trembled with fear. No sooner had the teacher seen him than he trembled with fear.
b As soon as Moyna drank water, the glass dropped in the floor. No sooner had Moyna drunk water than the glass dropped in the floor.
c As soon as Anika spoke, she trembled with fear. No sooner had Anika spoken than she trembled with fear.

Now Your Turn: Do this following exercise according to direction:

First Step—Positive Degree to Comparative Degree

  1. As soon as the rain started, he ran away.
  2. As soon as he came, I went out. .

Second Step—-Comparative Degree to Positive Degree

  1. No sooner had Tasnuva seen me than I ran away. .
  2. No sooner had the student written the answer than the teacher took the answer script.
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