English For Today

English for Today 2018: English 1st Paper 2018


Class One

Unit:01-Greetings, pre-writing and alphabet song

Unit:02-Introductions, letter A

Unit:03-Saying goodbye, Letter B

Unit:04-Numbers, Letter C

Unit:05-Commands, Letter D

Unit:06-Numbers, Letter E

Unit:07-Rhyme, Review (A-E)

Unit:08-What’s this?, Letter F

Unit:09-Numbers, Letter G

Unit:10-Rhyme, Letter H

Unit:11-Commands, Letter I

Unit:12-Numbers, Letter J

Unit:13-Rhyme, Review (A-J)

Unit:14-Review(1-5), Letter K

Unit:15-Numbers, Letter L

Unit:16-Commands, Letter M

Unit:17-Rhyme, Letter N

Unit:18-Numbers, Letter O

Unit:19-Where do they live?, Riview (A-O)

Unit:20-Numbers, Letter P

Unit:21-Rhyme, Letter Q and R

Unit:22-In the village, Letter S

Unit:23-In the room, Letter T

Unit:24-Numbers, Review(A-T)

Unit:25-Rhyme, Letter U

Unit:26-Numbers, Letter V

Unit:27-Rhyme, Letter W

Unit:28-Numbers, Letter X and Y

Unit:29-Letter Z, Review (A-Z)

Unit:30-Alphabet song


Class Two

Unit:01-Greetings, Review Aa-Ee

Unit:02-Numbers, Review Ff-Jj

Unit:03-Commands, Review Kk-Oo

Unit:04-Numbers, Review Pp-Tt

Unit:05-How old….?, Review Uu-Zz

Unit:06-Numbers, Alphabet a-z

Unit:07-How old are you? Alphabet

Unit:08-Numbers, How many…….?

Unit:09-I’m in…., Numbers review

Unit:10- Numbers, I’m

Unit:11-Head and shoulders, part of the body

Unit:12- Numbers, Parts of the body

Unit:13-Days of the week

Unit:14- Numbers, story:Rima and the seed

Unit:15-Story: Rima and the seed

Unit:16- Numbers, Colours

Unit:17-Colours and Numbers

Unit:18- Numbers, a/an

Unit:19-Shapes and Numbers

Unit:20- Numbers, Mr. Shape

Unit:21-Lucky the circle, Shapes and Colours


Unit:23-Animals, where is it?

Unit:24-Animals and where they live

Unit:25- Life everyday

Unit:26-Kaniz’s life, in the/at………

Unit:27-Anita’s life, where do animals live?

Unit:28-How many?

Unit:29-Story: The Golden Goose


Class Three

Unit:01-Greetings and introductions, introducing a student

Unit:02-Introducing a teacher, Introducing someone

Unit:03-Dialogue: Keya, Riya and Mashuk

Unit:04-Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:05-Commands and instructions: inside the classroom, Commands and instructions

Unit:06-Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:07-Commands and instructions

Unit:08- Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:09-Commands and instructions: outside of the classroom , Commands, instructions and requests: at home and at school

Unit:10- Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:11-Commands, instructions and requests

Unit:12- Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:13-Letters and sound

Unit:14-Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:15-Names of the days and months

Unit:16- Numbers, Cursive small letters

Unit:17-Names of the months, Number of days of the month

Unit:18-Numbers, Cursive capital letters


Unit:20- Numbers, Cursive capital letters

Unit:21- Occupations

Unit:22- Numbers, Cursive capital letters

Unit:23-What do they do?

Unit:24- Numbers, Cursive capital letters

Unit:25-What sounds do they make?

Unit:26-Numbers, What are they doing?

Unit:27-What are they doing?, Numbers

Unit:28-Story: The cow and the frog

Unit:29-Where is it?

Unit:30-Punctuation and capital letters, Numbers

Unit:31- Punctuation and capital letters

Unit:32- Punctuation and capital letters, Numbers

Unit:33-Story: The boys and the frogs

Unit:34-My family, Numbers

Unit:35-My friend, Letters and sound

Unit:36-Food we need, Numbers

Unit:37-What food should we eat?

Unit:38-Cleanliness, At the shop

Unit:39 –Story: The Crow


Class Four

Unit:01-About me



Unit:04-Family tree, Verb to be

Unit:05-Classroom language, Sound practice 1

Unit:06-At the shop, Counting

Unit:07-Making requests, Numbers and sound practice 2

Unit:08-Traffic lights, Numbers

Unit:09-Traffic rules, Alphabet

Unit:10-Who’s first?, Alphabet

Unit:11-Say it right!, Alphabet

Unit:12-Days of the week

Unit:13-Telling the time

Unit:14-Mita’s day, My day

Unit:15-Sagar and his family, Wh-words and do/does

Unit:16-Sagar week, at/in

Unit:17-In the park, Present continuous

Unit:18-Clap your hands

Unit:19-Food and meals 1

Unit:20-Food and meals 2

Unit:21-Food around the world

Unit:22-Tune up!

Unit:23-Write well 1

Unit:24-Write well 2

Unit:25-Story: The hen and her chicks

Unit:26- Write well 3

Unit:27- Write well 4

Unit:28-Letter to a friend


Unit:30-Months of the year 1

Unit:31-Months of the year 2

Unit:32-Days of the weeks

Unit:33-My day, Simple past tense

Unit:34-SM Sultan

Unit:35-My trip

Unit:36-On holiday 1

Unit:37- On holiday 2

Unit:38-A holiday letter


Unit:40-A garment worker’s day

Unit:41-An interview

Unit:42-Story: The lion and the mouse


Class Five


Unit:02-See you!, Sound practice 1

Unit:03-Saikat’s family, Sound practice 2

Unit:04-Leisure time, Sound practice 3

Unit:05-Days in the calendar, Stressed syllables 1

Unit:06-Eat healthy

Unit:07-Be healthy, Stressed syllables 2

Unit:08-Write to me soon!


Unit:10-My home district, Sound practice 4

Unit:11-Where’s the library?

Unit:12-How far is Saint Martin’s?

Unit:13-Telling the time

Unit:14-Story: The hare and the tortoise

Unit:15-Happy Birthday

Unit:16-May I come in?, Birds on Strings


Unit:18-City and country, I meant to do my work

Unit:19-The liberation war museum

Unit:20-Life is beautiful!

Unit:21-It was a great day!

Unit:22-Completing forms

Unit:23-Stay safe!

Unit:24-Cyclone Aila

Unit:25-Story: Why does the frog croak?


English Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

Board Sample Question


Class Six

Lesson:01-Going to a new school

Lesson:02-Congratulations! Well done!

Lesson:03-A railway station

Lesson:04-Where are you from?

Lesson:05-Thanks for your work

Lesson:06-It smells good!

Lesson:07-Holding Hands

Lesson:08-Grocery shopping

Lesson:09-Health is wealth

Lesson:10-Remedies: modern and traditional

Lesson:11-Are you listening?-1

Lesson:12-Birds of Bangladesh

Lesson:13-An unseen beauty of Bangladesh

Lesson:14-Our pride

Lesson:15-The lion’s mane

Lesson:16-An old people’s home

Lesson:17-Boats sail in the rivers

Lesson:18- Are you listening?-2

Lesson:19-Make your snacks

Lesson:20-Stop, look and listen

Lesson:21-Hason Raja: the mystic bard of Bangladesh

Lesson:22-Wonders of the world-1

Lesson:23-Wonders of the world-2

Lesson:24-Aesop’s fable

Lesson:25-We leave in a global village

Lesson:26-Our wage earners

Lesson:27-The concert of Bangladesh

Lesson:28-Buying Clothes


Lesson:30- Are you listening?-3

Lesson:31-Taking a test

Lesson:32-What should we do?

Lesson:33-Too much or too little water

Lesson:34-An invitation for Robin

Lesson:35-The garden

Lesson:36-Sample Question


Class Seven

Unit:01-Attention, please

Unit:02-My study guide

Unit:03-What are friends for?

Unit:04-People who make a difference

Unit:05-Great woman to remember


Unit:07-Game and sports

Unit:08-Likes and dislikes

Unit:09-Climate change


Class Eight

Unit:01-A glimpse of our culture

Unit:02-Food and nutrition

Unit:03-Health and hygiene

Unit:04-Check your reference

Unit:05-Making a difference

Unit:06-Going on a foreign trip

Unit:07-Different  people, different occupations

Unit:08-News! News! News!

Unit:09-Things that have changed our life


English 1st Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 1st Paper Board Sample Question


English 2nd Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 2nd Paper Board Sample Question


Class 9-10

Unit:01-Good citizen


Unit:03-Events and festivals

Unit:04-Are we aware?

Unit:05-Nature and environment

Unit:06-Our neighbours

Unit:07-People who stand out

Unit:08-World heritage

Unit:09-Unconventional jobs


Unit:11-Renewable energy


Unit:13-Media and modes of e-communication

Unit:14-Pleasure and purpose


English 1st Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 1st Paper Board Sample Question


English 2nd Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 2nd Paper Board Sample Question


Class 11-12

Unit:01-Families Home and abroad

Unit:02-English Around Us

Unit:03-Learning English


Unit:05-Personality Types

Unit:06-Our Environment

Unit:07-Disasters We Live With

Unit:08-Towards Social Awareness

Unit:09-Getting Educated


Unit:11-Cultures Around the World


Unit:13-We and Our Rights

Unit:14-Human Resources

Unit:15-Towards Social Development

Unit:16-Wonders Home and Abroad

Unit:17-Modes of Communication

Unit:18-World Heritage

Unit:19-Healthy Living

Unit:20-Jobs and Professions


Unit:22-Conquering Space

Unit:23-Challenges of the New Century

Unit:24-People, People Everywhere


English 1st Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 1st Paper Board Sample Question


English 2nd Paper Syllabus, Board Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

English 2nd Paper Board Sample Question

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