English Learning Live Class Course Outlines

English Learning Live Class Course Outlines for those who are interested to learn English as the Second Language of their own by Online Class.

1. Present Tense

Present Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous Tense

2. Past Tense

Past Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous Tense

3. Future Tense

Future Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous Tense

4. Sentence Structure

Conditional Sentences 

Comparative Study on 12 Tenses

5. Subject- Verb Agreement

Relation Verb with Subject, Modal Verb 

6. Gerund, Infinitive and Participle

Uses of Gerund

Uses of Infinitive 

Uses of Participle


7. Parts of Speech (Vocabulary)

Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection 

8. Preposition

At, On, In(time)

At, On, In(place)

By, With

Of, off

On, over,  above, Up

Down, under, below, beneath, 

In, into

Before, after, against, 

By, With, without

Between, among

Across, straight

Beside, besides

To, for

For, since

With a view to, get used to, look forward to


9. Sentence Structure 

According to Meaning

10. Sentence Structure 

Active and Passive Sentence 

11. Sentence Structure 

 Degree/ Degree of Comparison/According to Comparison

12. Sentence Structure 

According to clause


Very ……and


……so that……

Using by, without, when, while, 

Not only—but also , And more 50 structure

13. How to make Questions:

1. Auxiliary Verb-12 Tenses

2. How To Make WH Questions &  Answers

What, when, where, why, which, who, who, whose, how

3. How long, How many

4. Tag Question

12 types of Tag Question for asking Questions


14. Vocabulary List 

Noun and Verb

British and American/ American English vs British English  

Suffix and prefix

Best ways of practicing English & Vocabulary Increase Tricks by Synonyms, antonyms & Spelling

Informal contractions

15. Vocabulary List 

> Idioms and Phrase, Expressions List

> How to increase vocabulary using Website, tools, extensions, apps

> Uses of Transition Words for improving readability-12 types of transition Words

16. Common Mistake in English -Difference Between

Already, Not Yet

However, Whatever & Whichever

Go for a,  Go to a

By,  until

Some, any

Another,  Other, Others

See, Look, Watch

Few, a few, little, a little, 

Much and many

Unless and until, Till and until

Faith and trust, believe, belief 

Able and enable

Each other and one another

Between and among

Effect and affect

Pronunciation vs accent

Any time, anytime

Sometimes, Sometime, Some time

17. Common Mistake in English-Day 02

Mistakes in English Grammar

Mistakes in English Spelling

Mistakes in English Pronunciation

Mistakes in English 4 Skills


14. Vocabulary List 

15. Vocabulary List 

16. Common Mistake in English -Difference Between

17. Common Mistake in English-Day 02


18. Translation Method and Communicative Method 

from Bangla to English and English to Bangla

How to develop English 4 Skills 

Tips on Writing, Speaking, Listening & Reading Skills

19. How to Improve Your English Writing – English Writing Lesson

Buyer request or cover letter tips and tricks/Proposal letter, 

About yourself, about your service, email writing, Info Content, Product Content

How to earn by Content Writing, A popular free resource for English, Tips, & Tricks

20. Content Writing types, tips and tricks

Importance of writing, Types of Content Writing, tips of content writing,  writing process,
writing checklist, How to write Unique and good Content, How to write SEO Friendly Content. 


21. How to develop English Speaking Skill, Day 01

22. How to develop English Speaking Skill, Day 02

23. How to develop English Speaking Skill, Day 03

24. Importance of English Writing and Speaking

English Learning Live Class for English Writing & Speaking: https://englishgrammarbd.com/english-learning-live-class-for-english-writing-speaking/

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