English Syllabus KGSC 08

Class: VIII English First Paper

Distributions of 100 marks for 1st —3rd Model Test

Skills/Areas Q. No Test Item Marks
Part : A

Reading Test

60 Marks

Reading Test (Seen Passage),   Question Number:1-3
1 MCQ 05
2 Answering Question 10
3 Summarizing 10
Reading Test (Unseen Passage) , Question Number:4-5
4 Information Transfer 05
5 True / False 05
6 Fill in the gaps with app. word 05
7 Rearrange Sentence 10
8 Gap filling with cluses 05
9 Matching Sentence 05
Part : B

Writing Test

40 Marks

10 Dialogue 10
11 Paragraph 10
12 Completing Story 10
13 Informal Letter (Letter) 10

First Model Test Examination

Part : A —-Reading Test —-60 Marks
Unit: 1–5 (for Seen Comprehension)
Part : B —Writing Test —40 Marks
10. Dialogue: Dialogue between two friends
1. Danger of smoking
2. Importance of learning English
3. The future plan of life
4. How to learn English/ Improving of Skill in English
5. Problem of traffic jam
6. about a football match
7. Benefit of early rising
8. After completing JSC Examination

11. Completing Story:
1. The hare and the tortoise /Slow and steady wins the race
2. Two friends and a bear / A friend in need is a friend indeed.
3. The Lion and the mouse
4. The Shepherd/ A Liar Cowboy
5. The Fox and the Grapes
6. The honest wood cutter
7. Devotion to mother

12. Paragraph:
1. Book Fair
2. Nakshi Kantha
3. Tree Plantation
4. Hygiene
5. Tea Stall `
6. A village Fair
7. A street Accident
8. A Rainy Day

13 Letter:
1. to your friend telling him about the benefit of reading newspaper.
2. to your friend inviting him to attend your birthday party.
3. to your friend for congratulation for brilliant success
4. about the picnic that you have enjoyed
5. Your Favorite Game
6. about your aim in life
7. To be regular in her studies
8. About Annual Sports
9. How to spend summer vacation
10. Importance of learning English

Second Model Test Examination
Part : A —-Reading Test —-60 Marks
Unit: 6-9 (All Model Questions from Advanced)
Part : B —Writing Test —40 Marks

10. Dialogue:
1. necessity of tree planting
2. a patient and a doctor about your illness
3. Preparation for JSC
4. Problem of load shedding
5. about your hobby
6. About the environment pollution
7. Bad effect of illiteracy

11. Completing Story:
1. An old man and his Quarrelsome Sons /Unity is Strength
2. The king and the Spider/ Robert Bruce
3. Sheikh Saadi
4. Two rats and monkey /Two rats and Monkey /Dividing the breed between-
6. The fox without a tail / Do not believe a rogue
7. The farmer and his goose/A Greedy Farmer / Greed All Lose All
8. The thirsty crow

12. Paragraph:
1. A School Library
2. Mobile Phone
3. A Winter Morning
4. Our National Flag
5. Ethnic People
6. Traffic Jam
7. Load Shedding
8. A School Magazine
9. A Railway Station
10. A Street Hawker

13. Letter:
1) To your friend thanking him for his hospitality
2) To your friend inviting him to join a picnic.
3) describing the picnic that you have enjoyed
4) thanking him for birthday nice gift
5) Preparation for JSC/ Your progress to studies
6) what you intend to do after JSC
7. Congratulation for brilliant success
8. Requesting not to smoke cigarette
9. To be sincere to her study
10. Describing a street accident

Third Model Test Examination
Marks Distribution & Question Items will be set up according to JSC Board Question Pattern

Class: VIII English Second Paper

Distributions of 50 marks for 1st—3rd Model Test

Skills/Areas Q. No Test Item Marks
Part : A


Test –30 Marks

1 Gap filling activities with or without clues (Use of Article) 03
2 Gap filling activities with or without clues (Use of Preposition) 03
3 Substitution Table 04
4 Speech/ Narration 04
5 Changing Sentence (Meaning Degree+ Voice) 05
6 Capitalization and Punctuation 03
7 Use of Suffix and Prefix 04
8 Right Form Verb                                      04
Part : B

Composition Test–20 Marks

9 Formal Letter/ Application 08
or Or Email 08
10 Composition 12


First Model Test Examination
Part–A–Grammar: According to JSC Grammar question pattern, Full Marks: 30

Part—B–Composition: Full Marks: 20
9. Application
1. Transfer certificate / T.C
2. Testimonial
3. Full Free studentship / Financial help / stipend
4. Relief goods for flood affected people
5. Setting up Computer Club
6. Opening Debating club
7. for providing more facilities for a library / a reading room
8. Opening/setting a common room

9. E-mail: Write an Email
01. to your friend- letter of congratulation
02 to your friend -congratulation on birthday
03. to your friend- invitation to wedding ceremony / Inviting to attend the ceremony.
04. to your friend -new years greeting
05. to your friend-invitation to visit Bangladesh / invitation for visiting Bangladesh
06. to your friend-thanking her for the present/ nice gift.
07. to your friend-about recent visit at Paharpur
08. to the Office–Cheque cancellation
09. to the Office–information regarding admission procedure

10. Short Composition
1. Science in everyday life/ Wonders of Modern Science
2. Computer
3. Duties in Student Life
4. Future Plan of Life/ Your Aim in Life
5. Journey by Train
6. Future Plan of Life/ Your Aim in Life
7. The Game You Like Most

Second Model Test Examination
Part–A–Grammar: According to Board Question Standard

9. Application
1. for providing more facilities for a common room
2. Opening/setting a common room
3. for morning school
4. Canteen
5. for sinking a deep tube-well.
6. for opening/setting up a library / a reading room
7. Re-admission/ Remission of delay fine
8. To repair a damaged bridge / a roads

9. E-mail:Write an E-mail to your friend
1. invitation to join Picnic
2. how you have enjoyed the picnic
3. request to return a/the book
4. thanking for a nice gift
5. What lessons were taught in the class yesterday?
6. to your brother—bad effect of smoking.
8. to your brother -Importance of reading newspaper.
9. to your father- to inform the result of final exam
10. to your father-your aim in life.

10. Short Composition
1. Physical Exercise
2. Newspaper/ Importance of Reading Newspaper
3. The Season You Like Most–
4. A Journey by train/ /Journey by boat/ Journey by bus
5. Your Favorite Hobby
6. A Village Market
7. Floods in Bangladesh

Third/ Final Model Test Examination
Question Items and Marks Distribution will be set up According to JSC Board Question Pattern

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