English Syllabus KGSC 09

Class: IX English First Paper

Distribution of Marks Tutorial 30 Marks

Part :A

Table ———————————-1 x 5=05

Cloze test with clues—————1×5=05

Rearrangement ———————8x.5=04

Part: B



Distribution of Marks Half Yearly & Year Final

Q. No Test Items Marks
seen Passage
1 MCQ 07
2 Answering questions 10
3 Filling Without Clues 05
Unseen Passage
4 Information Transfer 05
5 Summarizing 10
Unseen topics
6 Matching 05
7 Rearranging 08
8 Paragraph 10
9 Story 10
10 Graphs/ Charts 10
11 Informal Letter(Letter) 10
12 Dialogue 10

First Tutorial Examination
Unit: 1- 4
1. International Mother Language Day
2. Environment Pollution
3. Tea Stall
4. Pahela Baishakh
5. Moonlit Night

a) how to adjust with new place and new food.
b) thanking him for his nice gift.
c) inviting him to attend to your birthday party.
d) thanking him for his hospitality.
d) congratulating him for his brilliant success.

Half Yearly Examination:
Unit: 1- 6

1. A Visit to a Book Fair
2. International Mother Language Day
3. Climate Change
4. Environment Pollution
5. Price hike

Story Writing
a) Thirsty Crow
b) Grapes are sour
c) Golden Touch/ King Midas
d) A Friend in need is a friend indeed
e) Dividing of the bread between two cats

Describing graphs/chart on
a) Change in pastimes in Bangladesh
b) Young people’s changing attitude to pastimes
c) Elderly people’s changing attitude to pastimes in a community
d) A student’s Daily Activities
e) The enrollment of students at a school

a) inviting him to join a picnic.
b) a picnic that you have recently enjoyed.
c) the importance of learning English.
d) the procedure how to improve English.
e) about Bangladesh and her people.

a) about future plan after the publication of the result
b) about the necessity of tree plantation
c) about various effects of and remedies of the air pollution
d) about your preparation for the SSC examination
e) about a visit to a place of historical interest

Second Tutorial Examination
Unit: 5- 8

1. Necessity of Learning English
2.Mother Teresa, Love for Humanity
3.The Shat Gambuj Mosque
4. Food Adulteration
5. Global Warming

i) about study tour.
ii) about your aim in life.
iii) about your progress to studies
iv) about your native village.
v)The Journey that you have made recently.

Year Final Examination:
Unit: 5- 11

1. Tree Plantation
2.Mother Teresa, Love for Humanity
3. Water Pollution
4.The Shat Gambuj Mosque
5. Winter Morning

Story Writing
a) The Honest Woodcutter
b) The Fox without a Tail
c) Devotion to Mother
d) A Liar Shepherd
e) A Greedy Farmer

Describing graphs/chart on
a) The Internet Users
b) Girls’ Education
c) Rights of a citizen
d) Total Candidates of SSC Exam 2013
e) The literacy rate of Bangladesh in different years

i) what you intend to do after the SSC exam
ii) your aim in life.
iii) about Bangladesh and her people
iv) food and food habit of the people
v) expressing your condolence at the sudden death of his mother

a) about the benefit of early rising
b) about frequent accident in our country
c) about arsenic pollution
d) about the greenhouse effect
e) about the importance of learning communicative English

Class: IX English Second Paper

Tutorial Marks Distribution:         30 Marks

Part: A –Grammar (Any 3 Item) ————————————-3×5=15

Part: B—Composition




Marks of Distribution Half Yearly & Year Final—————Marks—100

Part: A (Grammar)—Board Marks Distribution

Q. No Test Items Item Marks
1 Gap filling with activities (Preposition/Article/Parts of speech) 05
2 Gap filling without activities (Preposition/Article/Parts of speech) / Suitable Words 05
3 Substitution Table 05
4 Right form of Verb 05
5 Narration 05
6 Transformation(Meaning + Degree + Voice + Structure) 10
7 Completing Sentence 05
8 Use of Suffix and Prefix 05
9 Tag Question 05
10 Sentence Connectors 05
11 Punctuation 05

Part—B (Composition)

12. CV With Cover Letter 08
13. Formal Letter(Application) 10
or Email 10
14. Paragraph 10
15. Composition 12

First Tutorial Examination
Part: A (Grammar) :
a. Gap filling activities with clues
b. Gap filling activities without clues
c. Right form of verb
d. Tag questions
e. Sentence connectors


1. Tree plantation
2. A Book Fair
3. School Magazine
4. Street Hawker
5. Mobile Phone

Application for
a) Permission to go an excursion / study tour
b) a seat in the school hostel
c) canteen in your school
d) increasing library facilities
d) a testimonial

Half Yearly Examination:

Part: A (Grammar):
a. Gap filling activities with clues
b. Gap filling activities without clues
c. Substitution Table
d. Right form of verb
e. Tag questions
f. Sentence connectors
g. Transformation of Sentence (Meaning, Voice, Degree)
h. Transformation of Sentence (Structure)
i. Passage Narration
J. Completing Sentence


Question No—12–CV writing with cover letter for
a. the post of teacher
b. the post of hotel receptionist
c. the post of senior medical representative
d. the post of an accounts officer
e. the post of a general manager

Question No—13— formal letters/ Application
a. for opening a debating club
b. for a full free studentship
c. for transfer certificate
d. for leave of absence / short leave
e. for relief for flood affected people

Question No—14—Short paragraphs
a. Our National Flag
b. Winter Morning
c. A Rainy Day
d. The Life of Farmer
e. The life of a rickshaw puller

Question No—15—Composition
a. Your Aim in Life
b. A Journey by Train
c. Your Childhood Memories
d. The Season you Like Most
e. Your Favorite Hobby

Second Tutorial Examination

Part: A (Grammar) Sample Model Question for Practice —31-43
a. Transformation (Structure)
b. Completing Sentences
c. Use of suffix and prefix
d. Tag questions
e. Sentence connectors


a. Load Shedding
b. Traffic Jam
c. Deforestation
d. A School Magazine
e. A School Library

Application for
a. more facilities for common room
b. sinking deep tube well
c. repairing of damage bridge/ road
d. constructing a bridge over a canal/ road
e. testimonial

Year Final Examination:

Part: A (Grammar) —- According to Board Marks Distribution
Sample Model Question for Practice —31-53

Question No—12–CV writing with cover letter for
a. the post of a clerk
b. the post of a marketing manager
c. the post of a public relation officer
d. the post of a computer operator
e. the post of an administrative officer

Question No—13— formal letters/ Application
a. more facilities for common room
b. sinking deep tube well
c. remission of delay fine
d. TC
e. testimonial

Question No—14—Short paragraphs
a. Your Visit to a Historical Place
b. A Road Accident
c. Deforestation
d. A Street Beggar
e. School Magazine

Question No—15—Composition
a. Wonders of Modern Science
b. Population Problem in Bangladesh
c. The Game You Like Most
d. Physical Exercise
e. The Importance of Reading Newspaper

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