How to identify different types of sentences 

How to identify sentences- According to the meaning

শুধু Narration করতে গিয়েই যে sentence Identification করতে হবে, Reported Speech এর ধরন অনুযায়ী Direct থেকে Indirect করতে হবে তা শুধু নয় । Voice করার সময় sentence-এর type বুঝতে হবে এবং সেই অনুযায়ী কাজ করতে হবে । তো চলো যাই sentence চেনার উপায়/ How to identify different types of sentences নিয়ে আলোচনায়, নতুবা, যেকোন সময় Grammar-এর যেকোন অংশ বারে বারে শুধু শুধু confusion-এ পড়তে হবে । তাই নিচে sentence-এর Identification গুলি আগে জেনে নেই ।

SL Sentence Structure Example




A declarative sentence makes a statement.

A declarative sentence ends with a period.

Subject+ Verb I write.
Subject+Verb+Object I write an email.
Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Principal Verb I am writing.
Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Principal Verb+Object I am writing an email.
02 Interrogative Sentence An interrogative sentence asks a question.

An interrogative sentence ends with a period.

Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Principal Verb Are you reading?
Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Principal Verb+Object Are you reading an email?
WH Question What are you doing now?
WH Question How were you yesterday?


Imperative Sentence

An imperative sentence gives a command.

An imperative sentence ends with a period.

Starting with “Verb” Write a post about this in your FB ID
Starting with “Don’t” Don’t waste time.
Starting with “Never” Never tell a lice.
Starting with “Please” Please, help me.
Starting with “Kindly” Kindly do it now.
Starting with “Let” Let me do it.
Starting with “Let’s” Let’s/ Let us go out.
04 Optative Sentence An imperative sentence gives a wishing or praying.

An Optative sentence ends with a question mark.

Starting with “May” May Allah bless you.
Starting with “May” May Bangladesh prosper day by day.
Starting with “Long” Long live the king.
Starting with “Long” Long live our captain.
Starting with “Long” Long live our president.




An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling.

An exclamatory sentence ends with an exclamation mark.

Starting with “Alas!” Alas! You are undone.
Starting with “Hurrah!” Hurrah! They have won the game.
Starting with “Fie!” Fie! It’s a shame of you.
Starting with “What” What  a fine bird it is!
Starting with “How” How beautiful the bird is!
Starting with “If” If I were a queen!
Starting with “Had” Had I been a queen!



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