Completing Sentence-Rule-8-It is time, it is high time, wish, fancy, would that, lest, would rather, had better

There are several of rules of completing sentence and here in this post I am discussing the rule number 8 on It is time, it is high time, wish, fancy, would that, lest, would rather, had better.

Type-A: Structure

It is time + infinitive + ……../It is time for + object + infinite……..

  1. It is time to start the work.
  2. It is time to finish the work.
  3. It is time to leave the place.
  4. It is time to join the meeting.
  5. It is time for us to attack the foe.

Note: কোন কাজ করার সঠিক সময় হয়েছে বোঝাতে It is time ব্যবহৃত হয় ।

Type-B: Structure-It is time+ Subject+ Past subjunctive

  1. It is time they did their work.
  2. It is time they earn their livelihood.
  3. It is time we changed our bad habit.
  4. It is time you worked your work.
  5. It is time he started the journey.

Note: কোন কাজ করার সঠিক সময় পার হয়ে গিয়েছে তাই এখন আর বিলম্ব না করে কাজটি শুরু করা উঠিত বোঝাতে It is time + sub  হয়, sub এর পর past form হবে ।

Type-C: Structure-It is high time+ Subject+ Past subjunctive

  1. It is time the govt took necessary steps.
  2. It is high time we started the meeting.
  3. It is high time the government went the right decision.
  4. It is high time you worked your work.
  5. It is high time he started for the bus journey.

Note:  বেশি জোর দিতে It is time এর পরিবর্তে It is high time  হবে । এবং subject এর পর verb এর past form হবে ।

Type-D: Structure-I wish

  1. I wish I had the wings of a bird.
  2. I wish I had million of money.
  3. I wish I were a king.
  4. I wish I could fly in the sky.

Note: I wish এর পর principal verb, modal verb past form  হবে

Type-E: Structure-Would that

  1. Would that he were alive today.
  2. Would that you were the king.
  3. Would that I could help the poor
  4. Would that I were a meritorious student
  5. Would that she were a queen.

Note: Would that  এর পর past indefinite হবে এবং were/could ও বসতে পারে ।

Type-F: Structure-I fancy

  1. I fancy I turned a pale

Note: Fancy  মানে হলো কল্পনা করা এবং এর পরে past indefinite tense হবে ।

Type-G: Structure-had better

  1. You had better do the work.
  2. You had better ring him at once.
  3. You had better call him now.
  4. You had better go home now.
  5. I had better post it now.

Note:  Had better মানে এটা করা উঠিত এবং Had better এর পর principal verb এর present form হবে ।

Type-H: Structure-would rather

  1. I would rather die than beg.
  2. I would rather drink coffee than tea.

Note: Would rather  মানে বরং । এটি করব বরং ঔটি করব না ।

Type-I: Structure-lest

  1. Walk fast lest you should miss the class.
  2. He ran away quickly lest he should fail the train.
  3.  Put on warm cloth lest you should catch cold.
  4. Liza walk fast lest she should miss the bus.
  5. Read diligently lest you should fail in the exam.

Note: Lest  মানে নতুবা/নয়তো বা/ Lest  এর পর subject হবে এবং এবং তার সাথে অবশ্যই সব সময় should  বসবে ।

Now Your Turn : Complete the following sentence:

  1. It is time  ___________
  2. It is time ___________
  3. It is time  ___________
  4. It is time ___________
  5. It is time for us ___________
  6. It is time  ___________
  7. It is time  ___________
  8. It is time ___________
  9. It is time  ___________
  10. It is time  ___________
  11. It is time the govt  ___________
  12. It is high time  ___________
  13. It is high time  ___________
  14. It is high time ___________
  15. It is high time  ___________
  16. I wish I had  ___________
  17. I wish I had  ___________
  18. I wish I  ___________
  19. I wish I could ___________
  20. Would that he  ___________
  21. Would that you ___________
  22. Would that I  ___________
  23. Would that I ___________
  24. Would that she  ___________
  25.       Read diligently lest ___________   
  26.       Walk fast lest you ___________                 
  27.               ___________ lest he should miss the train.
  28.     ————-lest he should stumble on the way.
  29.       They ran hurriedly lest ___________          
  30.               ___________ sympathetic to the peon
  31.       Put on warm clothes lest ___________
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