Narration rules of near and distance words

The adverb of nearness should be put into those of distance wards:


SL Direct Speech Indirect Speech
1 now then
Asma said to Maliha, “You want to do this now Asma told Maliha that she(Maliha) wanted to do this then.
2 here there
Irina said to me, “I want to live here Irina told me that she (Irina) wanted to live there.
3 hereafter thereafter
I said to him, “I realized how hard life was going to be for me hereafter.” I said to him that I had realized how hard life had been going to be for me thereafter.
4 this that
You said to me, “I will try from this month” You told me that you would try from that month.
5 these those
The shopkeeper said to me, “These mangoes are from Rajshahi” The shopkeeper told me that those mangoes were from Rajshahi.
6 ago before
Nahar said to Akhi, “Long time ago, I met Rabeya” Nahar told Akhi that long time before, she (Nahar) had met Rabeya.
7 thus so
The lady said, “Thus, she realized that she did not need to wear makeup to be beautiful.” The lady said that so,she had realized that she had done not need to wear makeup to be beautiful.


SL Direct Speech Indirect Speech
8 to-day that day
Sara said to Bithe, “I am going there today. Sara said to Bithe that she (Sara) was going there that day.
9 to-night that night
Simin said to Setu, “There is a party to-night Simin told Setu that there was a party that night.
10 last night the previous night
Niha said to Liza, “Last night, I became sick” Niha told Liza that the previous night she (Niha) had become sick.
11 yesterday the day before/the previous day
Shanta said to Tuli, “I went there yesterday Shanta told Tuli that she (Shanta) had gone there the previous day.
12 tomorrow the next day/the following day
Sathi said to Mourin, “There will be a party tomorrow.” Sathi told Mourin that there would be a party the next day/the following day.
13 last week the week before/the previous week
Ritu said to Mitu, “Last week she visited me” Ritu told Mitu that the previous week she had visited her (Ritu).
14 next week the week after/the following week
“I will go there next week,” he said to me. He told me that he would go there the following week.
15 last month the month before/the previous month
“An accident happened last month here,” Abir said to Hassan. Abir told Hassan that an accident had happened the previous month there.
16 next month a month after
I said to him, “Will you go there next month?” I asked him if he would go there the following month/ a month after.


SL Direct Speech Indirect Speech
17 come go
Rika said to Nipa, “You can come now” Rika told Nipa that she could go then.
18 Hither Thither
Tonni said to Etu, “You may live hither” Tonni told Etu that she(Etu) might live thither.

Now Your Turn:

  1. I said to her, “I want to live here”
  2. She said to me, “You can do this month”
  3. You said to me, “he wanted these mangoes”
  4. Raima said to Jaima, “I went there a month ago”
  5. Shoshe said to his teacher, “ I come today”
  6. Mahima said to me, “I have done this HW thus”
  7. Nusaibah said to Farhan, “She will go there tomorrow”
  8. Konika said to Fariya, “I came here yesterday”
  9. Borsha said to Happy, “Last month I went there”
  10. Ila said to Nilla, “Now I am going to give you a surprise”


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