Narration rules of near and distance words

Narration Rules of Tense

Narration Rules of Tense When we transform from direct to indirect, we have to change tense and here is the 12 tenses rules & example for narration. Let’s start to learn narration rules of tense. Narration Rules & Examples of Present Tense SL Tense Direct Speech       Indirect  Speech 1 Tense Simple present/ Present Indefinite … Read more

Narration Basic Rules

Narration or speech has some basic rules. Here I have discussed 5 basic rules of narration or speech. You will get the main idea of changing narration. Here on this page, there are all the post links of changing narration rules as well as narration basic rules. Narration Definition: Narration বা speech হলো উক্তি । … Read more

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