Opposites of the following words using suitable prefixes

Here are the list of opposites of the following words using suitable prefixes. There are several rules of suffix and prefix. Among the rules, this is the rule 6 of suffix and prefix rules.


Words                                Opposites

Step–A–Opposite Word using “de”

Moralize                            demoralize

Value                                 devalue


Step–B—Opposite Word using “dis”

Content –                              discontent

Continue –                            discontinue

Credit –                                  discredit

Comfort –                              discomfort

Continuous –                        discontinuous

Favour-                                  disfavor

Grace –                                  disgrace

Hones –                                 dishonest

Honourable –                        dishonourable

Like –                                     dislike

Loyal –                                   disloyal

Obedient –                            disobedient

Own –                                    disown

Please –                                 displease

Qualify –                                disqualify

Respect –                              disrespect

Satisfaction –                        dissatisfaction

Similar –                                 dissimilar

Trust –                                    distrust

Please –                                 displease

Qualified-                              disqualified

Respectful –                          disrespectful

Satisfactory –                        dissatisfactory

Satisfy –                                 dissatisfy

Union –                                  disunion



Agree, allow, honest, like, obey

Step–C—Opposite Word using “il”

Legal –                                   illegal

Literacy –                              illiteracy

Literate –                               illiterate


Step–D—Opposite Word using “im”

Material –                              immaterial

Modest –                               immodest

Mortal –                                 immortal

Perfect –                               imperfect

Perishable –                          imperishable

Polite –                                  impolite

Possible –                              impossible

Pure –                                    impure


Balance, partial, polite, patient, personal, mortal


Step—E–Opposite Word using “un”

Able                                        unable

Common,             uncommon

Fit                Unfit

Usual                Unusual

Wise                Unwise


Common, able, fit, usual, wise


Step—F—Opposite Word using “Mis”

Conduct                                 misconduct


Conduct, fire, fortune, lead, take, use


Step—G—Opposite Word using “In”

Attentive                               inattentive

Sincere                                  insincere



Ability, active, capable, definite, discipline, justice, visible


Step—H—Opposite Word using “Ir”

Regular                                  irregular


Legal, legible, logical, liberal, literate, Regular, rational, relevant, resistible, responsible, resolute



Sense                Nonsense

stop                 Nonstop

Violence            Nonviolence


Sense, stop, violence


Suffix and Prefix Song


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