Prefix Rules -Verb, Noun and Adjective

Prefix Rules -Verb, Noun and Adjective

There are several rules of suffix and prefix. Among the rules, this is the rule 5 of suffix and prefix rules.

SL Root / Base Word/ Noun Extraction Prefix New Word  / Verb
1 calm be becalm
02 bar de debar
03 charge dis discharge
04 Puzzlement em embezzlement
05 able en enable
06 legal il illegal
07 material im immaterial
08 ability in inability
09 rational ir irrational
10 able un unable
11 behaved mis misbehaved
  1.    Calm, come, dew, fool, friend, hold, numb, little, set, side, dight, fit, head, muse,quest,siege,take,tide,ware,witch,
  2.    Bar, base, bus, case, centralize, compose, fame, forest, formation, frost, moralize, mobilization , value, capitation, ceased, code, face, feat, fence, fend, form, formed, generate, grade, humanize, valuation, national,
  3.    Charge, comfiture, connect, content, contentment, continue, courage, credit, embody, enchant, grace, gust, harmony, honest,  honest, honorable, like, loyal, obedient, oblige, own, play, pleasing, proportionate, qualification, qualify, regard, respect,  satisfaction, satisfied, similar, trust, claim, comfort, connected, contented, continuous, courteous, cover, creditable, ease, embark, forest, endow, figuration, graceful, guise,  hearten, illusion, locate, loyalty, obedience, obey, orderly, please, pleasure, prove, qualified, respectful, satisfactory, satisfy, tasteful, tress, union,
  4.    Bezzlement,  body, bowel, brace, broil, bus, poison, purple, bitter, bosom, bower, brasure, broilment, panel, plane, power,
  5.    Able, amour, camp, cash, chant, clasp, counter, crust, dear, fold, gird, grave, gulf, join, kindle, lighten, liven, noble, rich, shrine, tomb,  snare, sue, tail, throne, trap, trench, act, cage, case, chain, circle, close, courage, danger, due, frame, graft, gross, roll, joy, large, list, mesh, rage, robe, shroud, slave, sphere, sure, tangle, title, treat, trust,
  6.    Legal, legibility, legitimacy, liberal, literacy, legality, legible, legitimate, literate,
  7.    Material, materialize, methodical, mobile, modest, moral, mortal, moralize, parity, partial, patience,  perfect, perishable, permeable, personal, politic, port, prision, proper, provable, pure, porter, mature, migrant, migration, moderate,  modesty, morality, mortality, movable, part, pitiable, patient, permissible, pious, plant, polite, portable, possible, probability, prove , pulse, purity,
  8.    Ability, accuracy, active, appropriate, attentive, capable, competence,  competency, complete, considerate, consistent, constancy, decision, correct, decency, decisive, definite, dependence, determined, different, digested, digested, digestion, edible, equality,  effective, equitable, expedient, famous, fancy, fertility, fidelity, filtrate, finite, firmity, flame, flexible, fuse, genuity,, hospitable, human, justice, nutrition, sane, sanity, security, sensible, separable, significance,  sincerity, solute, solvency, sufficient, tense, tolerable,
  9.    accessible, action, activity,  adequate, applicable, aot, attention, capability,  capacity, cautious, comparable, competent, comprehensible, conceivable, consistency, consolable, corporeal, corrigible, curable, decent, direct, dependent, determination, difference, differently, digestive,  discipline, discriminate, dispose, distinct, effaceable, equity, expensive, expert, fertile, fidel, hospitality, humanity, jury, sanitary, secure, sight, sincere, sipid, solvable, sure, tolerance, tomb, tolerant, visible, Rational, reconcilable, refutable, regularity, relevancy, religion, remediable, reparable, resistible, respective, recoverable, regular, relevant, religious, removable, repressible, responsibility, responsible,
  10. Able, accomplished, accredited, animity, answered, appreciated, apt, assailable, assuming, attempted, authentic, avoidable, cage, called-for, cared, ceasing, certain, chain, chaste, civil, claimed, clean, close, clothed, coloured, common, compromising,  concerned, conditioned, congenial, conscious, consciously, considered, constrained, controllable, conventional, counted, courteous, couth, cover, cultivated, curl, dated, deceive, defended, defined, democratic, deserving, determined, dignified, discrimination, disguised, disturbed, do,
  11. Behaved, believe, carriage, chance, deed, doing, guide, handle, interpret, lead, print, pronounce, rule, understanding, behave, behavior, call, carry, conduct, fire, judge, manage, place, quote, represent, spell, trust, understand, usage,



able, chant, courage, danger, feeble, fold, force, joy, large, list, rich, shrine, throne, title, tangle,


Could, devil, fall, fog, fit, fool, friend, gloom, head, lace, late, little, mean, night, numb, quiet, siege, tide, witch


Agree, allow, appear, count, like, obey, please


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