Rule-1: Rule of always and sometimes, many and much

Whenever you want to transform the sentences from affirmative to negative, we have to learn some rules. And here we discuss the rules of Rule of always and sometimes, many and much.

Note-1: Rule & Examples of always and sometimes

Affirmative Negative
Structure a. always /ever

b. sometimes   


not always

Example I always agreed with him. I never disagreed with him.
Zarin has not ever seen this place. Zarin has never seen this place.
Farhan sometimes comes late. Farhan does not always late.


Note-2: Rule & Examples of  many and much

Affirmative Negative
Structure many

a few

a little


not a few

not many

not much       

not a little                                                                  

Example I have a few friends. I have not many friends.
We have a few books in our library. We have not many books in our library.
I drink much tea. I drink not a little tea.
We have much money We have not a little money

Now Your Turn

  1.                I shall always remember your advice.
  2.               Travelling is always pleasant.
  3.               We should always speak the truth.
  4.               He is the best boy in the class.
  5.               The poor are sometimes happy (Negative)
  6.               He sometimes smokes (Negative)
  7.               Their contribution will never be forgotten (Affirmative)
  8.               He is never late to attend his classes (Affirmative)
  9.               They are always sincere to their duties (Negative)
  10.               There are many books on the table (Negative)
  11.               I have a little milk. (Negative)
  12.               We have a little milk (Negative)
  13.               Everybody has drunk much milk (Negative)
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