Rule-2: Rule of both, must and too

To transform from affirmative to negative or negative to affirmative, there are some rules about this. Here we are going to discuss rule of both, must and too for transforming from affirmative to negative or negative to affirmative.

Note-1 Structure for the Rule of both, must and too

Affirmative Negative
A Both ——- and not only —— but also                                                               
B must/have to can not but + principal verb base form

cannot help + principal verb base form+ing

C too ———– to so ——— that                                                                         

Note-1 Examples of the Rule of both, must and too

A We must yield to our parents We cannot but yield to our parents.
You must obey your Parents. You cannot help obeying your parents.
B He took both coffee and ice cream. He took not only coffee but also ice cream.
Both Razib and Redwan were good friends. Not only Razib but also Redwan were good friends.
He bought pen and pencil He bought not only pen but also pencil
C Hassan is too weak to walk. Hassan is so weak that he cannot walk.

Now Your Turn

  1.                 Man must submit to destiny. (Negative)
  2.                You must obey your teachers. (Negative)
  3.                All men must die. (Negative)
  4.                I cannot help helping him (Affirmative)
  5.                You must obey your teacher (Negative)
  6.                She was a very hardworking and responsible loanee (Negative)
  7.                Rabindranath Tagore was not only a poet but also a novel. (Affirmative)
  8.               She was too poor to buy a gift for her husband. (Negative)
  9.               He is too slow to win the race (Negative)
  10.               I am so weak that I cannot walk (Affirmative)
  11.               He was too honest to take the money. (Negative)
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