Rule-3: Rule of Degrees

For transforming from affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative we have to learn some rules. Among the rules, I have discussed here 1 basic rule of degrees with examples.

Note-1: Structure for Rule of Degrees

Rule No Affirmative Negative
A As soon as——-,———- No sooner had—– than——                                                        
B as —–as /less ———than not less—than /  

No other ——–

not  as ——–as                                    


Note-2: Examples of Rule of Degrees

A As soon as I reached the college, the bell rang No sooner had I reached the college than the bell rang.
B Jim and Della were as wise as Magi. Jim and Della ware not less wise than Magi.

No other Magi was as wise as Jim and Della.

Jim and Della ware not less wise than  Magi

Now Your Turn

  1.               As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, the students stood up. (Negative)
  2.               As soon as he saw me, he ran away. (Negative)
  3.               As soon as he arrived at the house, it began to rain. (Negative)
  4.              The man is as ferocious as a lion. (Negative)
  5.               He is as dull as an ass. (Negative)
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