Rule-4: Rule of everybody and only

To transform from affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative, rule of everybody and only is an important rule. Here in this post, we have discussed the structure and examples of everybody and only.

Note-1: Rule of everybody

Affirmative Negative
Structure Everybody

Every +Noun


a. Nobody 

b. There is no +sub + but /There is no +sub + who doesn’t  

c.  Nothing   /                                                      


Examples Everybody loves flowers Nobody hates flowers.
Every mother loves her child. There is no mother but loves her child.
Every mother loves her child. There is no mother who does not love her child.
Every mother loves her child. Is there any mother who does not love her child?
Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible.

Note-2: Rule of only

Affirmative Negative
Structure Only/alone a. None but

b. nothing but

c. not more than/not less than                             

Examples Only Allah can help us. None but Allah can help us.
A child likes only sweets A child likes nothing but sweets
I am only thirty I am not more than thirty

Now Your turn: 

  1.               The old man was alone alive.
  2.               Only the graduates should apply.
  3.               Only the brave deserve the fair.
  4.               Only the moon was visible.
  5.               He lives alone in the house.
  6.               He is only twenty (Negative)
  7.               Only those who leave the straight road will fall into my pit (Negative)
  8.              The cuckoo sings only in spring.
  9.              Everything in the shop was costly (Negative)
  10.              Every rose has a thorn.
  11.              Every man hates a liar.
  12.              Every mother loves her child.
  13.              Everyone loves a truthful boy.
  14.              Everybody believes in his honesty.
  15.              Everybody wants friends (Negative)
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