Rule-5: Rule of simple, compound and complex sentences

When go to transform from affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative, we have to transform some sentences according to sentences pattern and here in this post, I am discussing Structure of simple, compound and complex sentences.

Note-1: Structure of simple sentence and compound and complex sentences

Rule Affirmative Negative
A Simple sentence using “By” Simple sentence using “Without”                                                                                 
B compound sentence Complex Sentence(If + present + future)                                                                 
C Affirmative Negative—Antonym  Word                                     
D Universal Truth Neg— Int?

Note-2: Examples of simple sentence and compound and complex sentences

A By studying hard, I will get GPA-5 Without  studying hard, I will not get GPA-5
B I  study hard and I will get GPA-5 If I don’t study hard, I will not get GPA-5
C I shall remember you I shall not forget  you
C He is a good player He is a not a bad player
D Health is wealth Isn’t health wealth?
Knowledge is power Isn’t knowledge power?

Now Your Turn

  1.    By studying hard, you will get A+
  2.    By doing more and more exercise, you will learn more.
  3.     work hard and you will get A+
  4.      do the exercise and get the best mark.
  5.       The man was old.
  6.      The man is poor.
  7.      Man is mortal.
  8.      They were right in thinking so.
  9.      The boy is strong in English.
  10.      He is my friend.
  11.       Dhaka is an old city.
  12.      Health is wealth.
  13.    Knowledge is power.
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