suffix and prefix exercises

suffix and prefix exercisesSSC Board Questions 2015

There are several rules of suffix and prefix. Among the rules, this is the step 7 of suffix and prefix rules for doing exercise.

Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with root words given in the parenthesis. 0.5×10= 5

  1. DHAKA BOARD — 2015

The books of famous (a) _____ (write) _____ are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b) _____ (visit) _____ buy books of different (c) _____ (publish) _____  almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d) _____ (buy) _____like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) _____ (crowd) _____. As (f) _____ (vary) _____books. They buy their (g) _____ (play) _____in a fair, the buyers get a scoop to choose books. They buy their (h) _____ (choose) _____ books after a long search. This faculty is (i) _____ (available) _____ in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j) _____ (come) _____ to the students.


Bangladesh is an (a) __________(dependent) __________country, but she is still burdened with poverty, (b)______ (population) __________,(c) __________(employ) __________,corruption, food (d) ________(deficient) __________, natural calamities, power crisis etc, Considering all these, the present (e) __________(govern) __________has aimed at making a digital Bangladesh to (f) __________(come) __________most of thes problems. The actual aim of (g) __________(digit) __________. Bangladesh is to establish technology based government which will emphasize the over all (h) __________(develop) __________of the country and the nation. The country has (i) __________(ready) __________fixed its target of (j) __________(achieve) __________’Digital Bangladesh’ by 2021.

  1. SYLHET BOARD – 2015

King Solomon was (a) __________(fame) __________for his (b) __________(wise­) __________. He was blessed with (c) __________(ordinary) __________knowledge and it was really beyond people’s (d) __________(imagine) __________. One day Queen of sheba wanted to test how wise he was. Solomon was given two kinds of flowers. One was (e) __________(nature) __________and the other was (f) __________(artifice) __________. As he had a close (g) __________(associate) __________with nature, he had been (h) ______(success) __________to differentiate them. In this way, his (i)  ________(repute) __________of (j) __________(multi dimensional) __________knowledge spreads all over the world.

  1. BARISAL BOARD – 2015

Honesty is opposite to (a) __________ (honest) __________. An honest man is not (b) __________ (harm) __________to anybody. He never does (c) __________ (just) __________to others. When he does anything (d) __________ (moral) __________, he feels (e) __________(comfortable). He never tells a lie. He is always (f) __________ (response) __________ to his duty. We should follow the path of (g) __________ (honest) __________and leave the path of (h) __________ (honesty). In that case, you will be (i) __________ (love) __________by all and will be able to reach the path of (j) __________ (prosper) __________.

  1. JESSORE BOARD — 2015

A (a) ____ (free) fighter is a (b) __(war)__ who took part in our war of Liberation in 1971. The (c) ____ (dependence) of our motherland was (d) _____ (dear) to a freedom fighter than his life. He joined the war (e) ____ (willing). He had no (f) _____ (might) weapons with him. But he had strong moral courage. He was (g) _____ (main) a guerrilla (h) _____ (fight). He attacked the enemy from an (i) _____ (know) place and then (j) ____ (appeared)——-

  1. Rajshahi Board –2015

Money cannot buy (a) —- (happy). Money is a must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring happiness. Happiness is (b) —– (absolute) a (c) —-(psychology) thing. It is the name of a (d) —- (feel). It means the (e) —-(content) of the mind. He who has (f) —- (satisfy) with what he has is (g)—- (real) a happy one. Above all, we should keep in mind that (h) —-(world) happiness is not all. If we want to be (i) —- (eternal) happy and lead a (j) —- (dignify) life, we have to earn money in an honest way.

  1. Dinajpur Board–2015

Money cannot buy (a) —- (happy)—–. Money is (b) —– (obvious)—— necessary for our life. But it is not the thing that (c) —- (necessary)—— brings happiness. Happiness is (d) —- (absolute)—–a psychological thing. Basically, it is the name of a (e) —- (feel)——-. It lies in the (f) —- (content)——of mind. A poor man with mental (g) —- (satisfy)——may become really happy in life. On the other hand, a man with a lot of (h) —- (rich) may not be happy.  Their wealth becomes the cause of (i) —- (happy) because most of the time they suffer from (j) —- (secure)——-. So they lead a life full of cares and anxieties.

  1. Comilla Board–2015

Student life is the (a) ____ (gold)____ season of life. This is a (b) ____ (from) ___ period of life. This is the time for (c) ___ (prepare) ____ of future life. Students are the future (d) ____ (lead) ____ of the country. They should have (e) ____ (patriot) ____.They should achieve (f)——- (educate)——–and build as (g)———(compete) ———citizens. They should gain (h)——–(know) ——–and learn the art of (i)———- (behave)———–and (j)————–(interact)——-before others.


Read the suffix and prefix Rules: 

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Rule: 6-Opposites of the following words using suitable prefixes

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