Suffix Rule-Noun or Adjective to Verb

There are several rules of suffix and prefix. Among the rules, this is the rule 4 of suffix and prefix rules.

SL Root / Base Word/ Noun Extraction Suffix Verb
01 black en Blacken
02 air ify airify
03 authority y ize authorize
04 apology y ise apologise

Exercise for Practice:

  1.   Black, broad, bright, haste, thick, tight,  length, dead, hard, soft, white, deep, red, height, weak, light, sharp, fast, glad, strength, wide, fright, mad, rough, loose, tough, sweet,
  2.    Air, beauty, verse, vary, class, electric, ample, just, horror, peace, right, terror, example, glory,
  3.     Authority, civil, special, popular, local, normal, visual, national, industrial, memory, agony, apology, sympathy, system
  4. Authority, agony, apology



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