Suffix Rules-Verb to Noun. This is rule 1 of suffix and prefix rules

SL Root / Base Word/ Verb Extraction Suffix New Word  / Noun
01 abandon ment abandonment
02 Announce r Announcer
03 accept or acceptor
04 appreciate e or appreciator
05 abolish er abolisher
06 cry y ier crier
07 aggress ion aggression
08 conclude de sion conclusion
09 Fuse (se) e ion fusion
10 apprehend d sion apprehension
11 ascent nt sion ascension
12 Convert (rt) t sion conversion
13 admit it ission admission
14 abbreviate ate tion abbreviation
15 approve al approval
16 address ee addressee
17 Broad th breadth
18     adult     hood    adulthood
19   free    dom    freedom
20  assume    ption   assumption
21 dance    ing   dancing
22 aware ness   awareness
23 fellow  ship   fellowship
24 disturb  ance  disturbance
25 decent cy decency
26 real ity reality

Exercise for Practice


Abandon, achieve, acquire, adjust, advance, ail, amaze, Amuse, appoint, argue, attain, commit, concern, content, depart, detach, disown, displace, embarrass, employ, engage, enhance, enlarge, enlist, enrich, envelop, escape, excite, experiment, fulfil, govern, imprison, judge, manage, punish, refresh, retire, state, treat, abolish, acknowledge, agree, announce, assess, astonish, attach, better, commence, compart, conceal, deploy, develop, disappoint, discourage, discourage, embank, enchant, encourage, enfold, enjoy, enlighten, enrage, enroll, entertain, environ, equip, establish, exile, improve, invest, pronounce, rearrange, recruit, refine, replace, require, settle, Advancement, advertise, agree, argue, allot, amuse, announce, appoint, attain, attach, commit, confine, develop, detach, enjoy, engage, employ, establish, govern, improve, judge, manage, place, replace, require, retire, retrench, treat


Announce, believe, change, compile, consume, debate, disbelieve, drive, exchange, fertilize, gamble, give, joke, organize, pasture. Produce, propose, recite, remove, ride, save, serve, adore, adventure, advise, appetizer,  compose, dance, deceive, disorganized, divide, examine, explore, invade, observe, patronize, preserve, receive, rise, rule, trade, treasure, share, write,


Accept, compose, conduct, construct, invent, possess, prospect,  survey, visit, project, protect, select, act , collect, conquer, contract, credit, detect, elect, inspect, invest, oppress, suppress, transfer,


appreciate, calculate, communicate, cooperate, decorate, demonstrate, dictate, manipulate, mitigate, refrigerate, translate, distribute,  aggress, compete, contribute, execute, administer, agitate, celebrate, congratulate, create, cultivate, dedicate, estimate, investigate, irrigate, mediate, moderate, navigate, operate, regulate, separate,


abolish, absorb, attest, betray, bind, boil, box, broadcast, build, campaign, cast, climb, convey, deliver, destroy, discover, dream, drink, dwell, entertain, experiment, farm, feed, fight, flatter, found, heat, hoard, hunt, interpret, labour, lead,  lend, mix, perform, plant, play, plot, preach, prison, publish, reap, reform, retail, riot, sell, bleed, blow, borrow, break, buy, call, catch, clean, cook, cricket, deal, default, design, export, find, fly, follow , hear, help, import, inform, laugh, learn , listen, murder, picker, plead, pray, print, remind, report, ding, sail, sharpen, slay, snatch, sow, spend, suck, test, suffer, suppress, swear, thrill, till, speak, start, clap, control, cut, dig, hit, kidnap, rob, propel, rub, swim, travel, trap, trim,

  1.      cry, falsify, magnify, purify, rectify, stupefy, verify, exemplify, justify, modify, pacify, qualify, supply,versify,
  2.      aggress, confess, discuss, express, oppress, possess, process, compress, depress, impress, profess, repress, suppress, progress,
  3.      conclude, divide, invade, precede, protrude, provide, subdivide, collide, include, intrude, obtrude, pervade, supersede,
  4.      fuse, submerse, televise, infuse, repulse, confuse , convulse, effuse, immerse, revise, supervise,
  5.  apprehend, expand, succeed, extend, reprehend, comprehend, pretend, suspend, misapprehend,
  6.  ascent, adhere, dissent, choere,
  7.    Convert, invert, subvert, divert, pervert
  8.  Admit, omit, readmit, permit, submit,
  9.  Abbreviate,  accommodate, actuate, agitate, alter, alternate, anticipate, approximate, assassinate, assimilate, calculate, celebrate, collaborate, concentrate, confirm, contemplate, co-ordinate, depreciate, desolate, deviate,  differentiate, discriminate, dislocate, duplicate, eradicate, evaporate, exaggerate, excavate, fascinate, felicitate, frustrate, generate, inaugurate, irrigate, accelerate, accumulate, adjudicate, aggregate, amalgamate, appreciate, appropriate, complicate, congratulate, co-operate, cultivate, decorate, delegate, delegate, deteriorate, devastate, dictate, dominate, educate, emigrate, estimate, evaluate, formulate, germinate, indicate, inculcate, instigate, interrogate, irritate, investigate,
  1. Approve, arrive, bury, deny, dismiss, propose, refuse, remove, try
  2. Allot, employ, nominate, pay, train
  3. Broad, dear, deep, long, strong, true, warm, wide
  4. Adult, boy, child, false, free
  5. Free, king, martyr, wise
  6. Assume, consume, presume, resume
  7. Dance, die, read, write
  8. Aware, appropriate, awkward, careless, cheerless, dark, dry, eager, fresh, fond, happy, high, hard, kind, large, little, new, quickness, restless, short, single, vague, worthy
  9. Fellow, friend, lord, member, parner, scholar, student
  10. Disturb, utter, appear, assist, repent
  11. Decent, accurate, bankrupt, urgent, frequent,
  12. Real, able, sensible, visible, flexible


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