Transformation of sentence according to structure

Transformation of sentence according to structure

There are various types of sentence and various types of sentence transformation. Now here we are going to discuss Transformation of sentence according to structure

Transformation of sentence -According to Structure Sentences are of 3 kinds

  1.  Simple Sentence
  2.  Compound Sentence
  3.  Complex Sentence

Now read all about sentence-according to structure: Sentence definition, types/kinds, examples,

Read more about the identification of sentence: How to identify sentence-according to structure

So transformation will be according to structure

  1.  Simple Sentence to Compound Sentence/ Complex Sentence
  2.  Compound Sentence to Simple Sentence/ Complex Sentence
  3.  Complex Sentence to Simple Sentence/ Compound Sentence

We have to learn 14 rules based on the above following transformation

Rule- 01- Use of by/without, and, if/unless

Rule- 02- Use of instead of/despite of, but, though/although

Rule- 03- Use of too….to, very….and, so….that

Rule- 04- Use of To + verb / in order to+ verb, and, so that/in order that

Rule- 05- Use of Present participle/Past  participle/Perfect participle, and, Relative pronoun

Rule- 06- Use of Prepositional Phrase / Adverbial of time, and, when / while  + it is/was

Rule- 07- Use of because of /on account of to/due to, and /but /or, Since/as/when /because

Rule- 08- because of / on account of to / due to, and /but /or, Since/as/when /because

Rule- 09- Use of Both …..and/besides, not only …..but also, Who… well as

Rule- 10- Use of adverb of condition/In case of —(phrase), and, if/in case

Rule- 11- Use of Use of adverb of time, (1st clause+and+2nd clause), 1st clause, 2nd clause

Rule- 12- Use of The way of, And, How

Rule- 13- Use of Preposition + noun, And, Subject + verb + that + subject + verb

Rule- 14- Use of Immediately after +V +ing/Just  after + V +ing/, As soon as, And at once

Go to each rule by clicking the above link and read through the structure of the specific rule with examples and exercises.

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