Rule of simple, compound and complex sentences

Rule-5: Rule of simple, compound and complex sentences When go to transform from affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative, we have to transform some sentences according to sentences pattern and here in this post, I am discussing Structure of simple, compound and complex sentences. Note-1: Structure of simple sentence and compound and complex sentences … Read more


Rule of Degrees

Rule-3: Rule of Degrees For transforming from affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative we have to learn some rules. Among the rules, I have discussed here 1 basic rule of degrees with examples. Note-1: Structure for Rule of Degrees Rule No Affirmative Negative A As soon as——-,———- No sooner had—– than——                                                         B as —–as … Read more


Transformation of sentence according to structure

Transformation of sentence according to structure There are various types of sentence and various types of sentence transformation. Now here we are going to discuss Transformation of sentence according to structure Transformation of sentence -According to Structure Sentences are of 3 kinds  Simple Sentence  Compound Sentence  Complex Sentence Now read all about sentence-according to structure: Sentence definition, … Read more


Transformation of sentence-according to meaning

Transformation of sentence-according to the meaning Sentence According to Meaning- According to Meaning sentences are of 5 kinds.  Assertive Again Assertive Sentences are also 2 types. They are as follows: (a) Affirmative sentence (b) Negative sentence Interrogative Imperative Optative Exclamatory Sentence definition, types/kinds of sentences, names of the sentences, examples and how to identify sentences … Read more


Degree of Comparison

Degree of Comparison: Changes of Degrees-Basic Today we are going to discuss on Degree of Comparison, types of degrees, definition, examples, and exercises etc.  Example Table No:1 Example Discussion/Explanation (a) Mim is a good girl. (a) নং Sentence-এ ১ জনের জন্য তুলনা বা একজনকেই ভাল বলা হয়েছে । (b) Mim is better than Mithila in class … Read more

Narration Basic Rules

Narration or speech has some basic rules. Here I have discussed 5 basic rules of narration or speech. You will get the main idea of changing narration. Here on this page, there are all the post links of changing narration rules as well as narration basic rules. Narration Definition: Narration বা speech হলো উক্তি । … Read more

Transformation of Degrees

Changing Degrees-Rule-4

Transformation of Degrees -Rule 4 Transformation of degrees have many rules but I have discussed here 4 rules and by this, you will get the complete idea for changing degrees. Here is all about rule-3 of changing degrees. Note-1: Structure of  changing rule Rule Positive Comparative Superlative Rule-1 No other sentence-এর শুরুতে বসবে Than any … Read more

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