Types of application forms and format

Kinds of Letters: Letters are 2 types at first
1. Informal Letter
2. Formal Letter

1. Informal Letter: An Informal letter is written to the relatives or friends for the close matter with them. In informal letters, there are 6 parts for completing the letter completely.

2. Formal Letter: A Formal letter is generally called application. In the formal letter, there is also 6 parts for submitting it properly to the authority.

The common 6 parts of a letter are as follows:
1. The Heading/ The place & the Date
2. The Salutation/Greeting
3. The Body of the Letter
4. Subscription/The End
5. Signature
6. The Super Subscription/ The Address

There are many kinds of Letter according to their functions and activities. The most important of them are as listed below:

1. Private Letter: the Private letter is exchanged between or among the relatives or friends
2. Business Letter: the Business letter is written for business or commerce purpose.
3. Official Letter: This type letter is used in officially in the government or public and private office.
4. Social Letter: Social Letter is used for the social purpose and for invitation socially.
5. Public Letter: Public Letter is used for the newspaper in an open mood for the whole nation.

Applications are 3 types according to their uses and functions. They are as follows:
1. Application for educational institute purpose
2. Application for local area requirement purpose
3. Application for a post of a job purpose

Now I am going to describe/ give you the three types application according to their uses and functions in details.

1. An application for educational institute purpose:
Firstly I am giving an idea about the application for educational institute purpose that type application you only write to the Headmaster or to the principal of an educational institute. This types application should be like the following structure/pattern.

Read this type of application format, Application for opening an English Language Club

2. Application for local area requirement or demanding purpose:
This type application is written to the DC/ TNO/UNO/ or Chairman of an area/Thana/ District. I also here am going to give a sample application for writing to the DC/ TNO/UNO/ or Chairman.

3. Application for a post of a job purpose:
This is the very important application type which is usually used for applying for a post of a job. There is enclosed a CV or a bio-data with this application. I am also giving this type of application as a sample for format. This type application is also called cover letter for a CV.
To see or read this type of application, please read this format of a cv/ how to write a cv for a job application/ curriculum vitae example/ best format of writing a cv/ How to write a powerful CV

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